Treat Yourself Tuesday – B-School Edition

Marie B-School

Yeah it did.

I am absolutely exhilarated about this new adventure. B-School? Me?

I first encountered this revolutionary course to cultivate not only your business savvy – but your confidence, too – and my interest was immediately tickled. But I brushed it off. And again, when it crept back into my mind the next day. And again, when I found myself gravitating to Marie’s FAQs and videos. And again, when friends and other people who I respect immensely for their creativity and courage got behind it as graduates. And again, when I finally, finally opened myself up to the beauty and necessity of change.

And then? Then I realized that I need to get out of my own way. It’s time for me to get unstuck. Enter B-school.

I’m curious and absolutely craving the new opportunities that are waiting for me. I’m grateful for the good vibes and support I’m receiving. And you know what else? I’m proud of myself for letting my intuition guide me.

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