October intentions


There’s something about a new month, a new season, that feels like a fresh start. While I know every moment in an opportunity to make a positive change, there’s something flipping the calendar that feels especially ripe for growth.

One of the ways I mark that change is by setting my intentions for the upcoming month. For a while I would do them every day, but it ended up feeling more like a daily to-do list. And that wasn’t really the point. So instead, I break that big collection of to-dos into 5 fun-size goals – drinking 2 liters of water a day, trying a pottery class, dropping something into the ol Bucket List. Whatever they are, I jot down the 5 things I intend to experience that month.

My October intentions:

Journal in the morning + evening. I spend a good part of my day writing, but those moments at the beginning and end of the day are unique. I’m going to use them to find focus for the upcoming day, and reflect on things at the end. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a guide, so I’m taking advantage of the journal provided by IIN as well.

1 cup of coffee per day. I adore my morning coffee. Everything about it. The ritual – Kevin grinds the beans for the Chemex. The comforting smell, the rich taste, the warm mug. As it gets cooler, I could easily keep going back for more. But I don’t actually need the caffeine – and I get the leg shakes – so I’m going to switch to decaf or herbal tea after savoring that first cup. I am loving Dandy tea, which is dandelion root brew that has a really similar taste and feel of coffee – plus some other great health benefits.

Meatless Monday. While a good number of our meals are meatless anyway, I want to make the effort to participate in the Meatless Monday movement this month. Regardless of making meals at home or eating out, I’m going to challenge myself to go totally meatless – fish included – and try some new vegetarian recipes. This week was a homemade lentil soup. Recipe to come!

Try 3 new fitness classes. I consider yoga and Pilates my go-to practices, but recently I’ve been branching out and trying some weight-based classes at our health club. It helps that I make my own schedule and can work around a mid-morning class, so I figure I should appreciate the opportunity to mix it up and challenge myself to something new. This month, I plan to try Get Up & Go (Mondays at 5:45am, ouch), FitSport and Spinning at our club – as much as I love riding my bike, I’ve never taken a for real spinning class. That’s another reason I’m also planning to try a Soul Cycle class when I’m in LA later this month – spinning with soul? I love it. And the other one I’m dying to take out west? A hula-hooping class! It’s been about 20 years, but I think I can keep that hoop moving.

In bed with a book by 10. Though being self-employed has many blessings, the curse is the challenge to shut things down. I’m a night owl by nature, and I also love early mornings – but solid sleep needs to fit somewhere between. So while it’s tempting to burn the midnight oil, especially because I’m so excited about projects I’m working on, I need to power off and get into bed at a decent time. I want to read more actual books, so this is the perfect opportunity to wind down and catch up on the mini library next to my bed.

I’d love to hear how you’re getting inspired and finding adventure this month. What are your intentions for October?

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1 Response to October intentions

  1. Sara says:

    I love this! My October intentions:
    1. Enjoy the cities I run in (Boston and Detroit).
    2. Cook one more meal than normal at home.
    3. Reconnect with friends- old an new, near and far.
    4. Tackle some projects that have been lingering for awhile.
    5. Live in the moment. I love taking pictures and being with others, but I love just walking a trail in solitude too.

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