How will you radiate?

Happy New Year, friends! My hope for all of us: rather than focusing on what we want to CHANGE, we focus on how we want to RADIATE. Learn as much as we can about our passions. Expand into what makes us feel good. Question what doesn’t, and challenge anything that doesn’t contribute to our peace. It’s not about resolutions, but about illuminating who we truly are.

My friend and total get ‘er done guru Allie LeFevere put it bluntly:

“Physically, strategically, consistently, enjoyably, courageously get off your ass and DO SOMETHING different, uncomfortable, unlike anything you’ve done for YOU, YOUR BODY, YOUR LIFE BEFORE.

And as the confetti falls this year, don’t make a wish or a resolution or a hazy goal, MAKE A COMMITMENT and then MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

Spot on. The mystical world of magical resolutions and manifestations doesn’t work unless you do. So in 2015? I’m building my support team. I’m workshopping. I’m health coaching. I’m Desire Mapping. I’m B-Schooling. I’m writing and talking and listening. I’m being authentically, genuinely, proudly me.

2015, you are going to challenge like no other.

I am so proud of us already.

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