The Kick-Ass Courage Project

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I’m not a very competitive person. I was never much of an athlete, so maybe that’s why, but even with your run-of-the-mill board game night, I’m the one who’s way more into the wine and snacks and laughs than the victory.

Except when it comes to myself. I’m more competitive with me than with any game or sport or team. A blessing and a curse, I suppose. But that’s why I adore a good self-love challenge. Andrea Owen, the brutally, hilariously honest woman behind Your Kick-Ass Life, is on to this. Starting tomorrow, I’m getting on board The Kick-Ass Courage Project: 7 Day Challenge.

7 days to rip the covers off your self-talk, shift it, and learn to have more kindness and compassion for yourself.

Check it out. Challenge yourself. And win prizes. In addition to the healthy dose of courage you’ll be sporting, of course.

Sounds good, right? Because, as Andrea says, life is too short for it to not kick ass.

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