A few good reads 2.1

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Here in Chicago, it’s a fab day for tae, reading, cozy socks and snow angels…the perfect ingredients for getting your self-love on, yes? Heat up a cuppa and snuggle in with a few good reads to start your week:

From Danielle Laporte: Please don’t punish yourself

From Jennifer Kass: Relationships are our Greatest Assignments 

From Nat Kringoudis: Since when did stress become the new black? 

From Kris Carr: How to Sleep Better: 10 tips for healthy & restorative sleep

From No More Dirty Looks: How To Make Chai Tea With Healing Spices

From Jessica Sepel: My Top Tips for a Workout Fuel-Up

From Feelgood Style: Toxic Cosmetics: Should you throw old makeup in the trash? 

From Co.EXIST: Treadmill Desks Aren’t Just Healthier, They’ll Also Boost Your Work Performance

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