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Let’s give a little love to February. Now that we’re a month out from the “new year, new you” pressures, how about making this a time to “love you, as you.”

It’s not easy. Everywhere you turn, from the media to your family to your Facebook feed to the mirror, there are reasons to pick yourself apart. To compare. To devalue. To criticize. To obsess. To pressure. To shame.

At least – I do. And from years of observation, listening and yes, sometimes eavesdropping – I know I’m not alone in this.

I also know that it’s hard to be around someone who’s mean to you all the time.

That’s why I want all of us to take a break from the bullying and embrace some self-lovin. All month, I’ll be sharing little tricks, tips and reminders with you (and with me) about why we’re so awesome – just the way we are.

So, will it be absorbing some you time? (I’ve got a great list of good reads coming up…) Joining the 7 Day Challenge? I’d love to hear – how are you gettin your self-love on today?

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