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I don’t love football. Or commercials. What I do love is my DVR, which allows me to skip over both. If I’m directing my attention to the television, I want the meat of it thankyouverymuch.

Somehow, the makers of feminine care products got me to change my tune last night. Just a little. Always’ “Like A Girl” campaign got to me – though not exactly in the way I expected. At first, it hit a nerve a little. And then it made me choke up a little. Like a girl?

Hell yes. Like me.

And that’s okay. It’s real and raw and beautiful and also a reminder. It was about empowering women, sure. But it was also about empowering me.

Personally, I’m not as concerned about running or fighting or throwing a baseball. Yes – those are things a female can do, and can do like a badass. I knew and believed this before watching the scene unfold. But I’m also not very coordinated. I never have been. I’m not good at math, either. There are a lot of things that I can’t do “perfectly,” or even very well. And I’ve always struggled with that. Not as a girl, but as me. And sometimes the encouragement to “prove to them” that I could be just as strong, just as powerful, just as smart…well, that was a lot of pressure in and of itself.

So what got to me – what caught my breath and really made me think – was the girl at the end.

“What does it mean to run like a girl?”

“It means run fast as you can.”

As YOU can. Not that girl – or boy, for that matter. What YOU can do is enough. And you don’t have to think about it so much. Maybe you don’t break records. Maybe you don’t have an awesome curveball. Or curves in general. And maybe you still use the app on your phone to figure out the tip at restaurants. But maybe you’re in a yoga class, stretching outside your comfort zone. Maybe you’re listening to a client, helping them untangle from a web of sadness.  Maybe you’re in the boardroom, blowing minds with your new ad campaign. Maybe you’re in your living room, installing a freakin fire place (yes, I know a girl…)  Maybe you’re starting your own business, being fueled by nothing more than passion and determination. And, okay, a lot of black coffee.

You’re the CEO and the MVP of you, and your own badass life.

None of the things you do make you any more or less worthy of a woman, or person. You’re already enough, because you’re doing the best you can. And, as I was reminded by a quiet young woman last night, it’s really that simple. Love you, as you.

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