Try it Tuesday: Dry Brushing


Consider adding this soothing step to your morning routine. Dry brushing not only exfoliates, but it revs up your lymphatic system to help remove toxins, increases circulation, and can be quite meditative. Treat yourself before you hop into the shower – simply brush in a circular motion from your feet to your chest, always toward your heart. You’ll feel invigorated, in-tune with your system, and more connected with your body. And that’s a good thing!

You can find a relatively inexpensive dry brush at most health food stores, drugstores, and online. A long handle isn’t necessary, but it can help with hard to reach spots like your back. And who doesn’t want a little back massage before you start the day? I’ve been dry brushing for over a year now, and it’s become a really comforting morning ritual. For me, it’s important to appreciate the couple of extra minutes to get in touch with and love on my body.

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