Wednesday Wisdom


A sweet friend recently told me that mid-afternoon can be the most challenging time of the day for her.

And when I thought about, I realized it is for me too.

That pocket of time when our energy begins to wane and we resort to outside sources to rejuvenate and boost and soothe ourselves. Maybe it’s with caffeine, or a smoke break, or food. Maybe it’s mindless scrolling through Facebook or celebrity gossip. We’re looking for something to make us feel better. Something to make us feel comfort. Something to make us FEEL. And the thing is, we’re turning to anything we can except IN.

So here’s the challenge for today. Turn in. Tune in. What is it that your soul really wants? Often…it’s just a little lovin. How can you give your soul the love that you so easily give out to everyone and everything around you? Because if you give that attention elsewhere as a distraction, you’re not giving yourself the love you need.

Danielle LaPorte is right on with this one. I think you’ll find that the distractions, the disengagement, the discomfort begin to fall away when you take the time to respect the love of your life.

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