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Time Marches on…reflecting on a month of self love.

I started February with a challenge to share tricks, tips and reminders all month – all related to the often complicated dance we do with ourselves. My hope was to really hone in on how we can find the balance of self care in every day life – rather than allow ourselves to get lost in the shuffle. And that means making a conscious effort to slow down, reframe negative thoughts, and allow ourselves to radiate. When we begin to love ourselves, really, truly and without condition – that is when things begin to shift beneath the surface.

Did I feel it every day? Nope. Did I work at it every day? I did – and it’s guiding me down a much happier, more self-compassionate path. When we aren’t living a life of love, it’s actually easier to criticize, judge and sabotage. Bizarre, isn’t it? It’s actually more effortless to fall into the black hole of negativity than it is pull ourselves up in to the light. But making the conscious effort (and it takes effort, at first) to reframe the negative into positive lets us blossom. And I want to see you bloom! ‪#‎selflove‬ ‪#‎qotd #wisdom #compassion #love #bloom #loveyouasyou ‬‪#‎radiate‬

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