Monday Mantra 5.18.15


Ohmygoodness has THIS been on my mind recently. It can be terrifying to break from that mindset of hustle, work, create, produce, prove, go, be, do, NOW. Now now now. In fact, most people never give themselves time to come up for air. It is ridiculously scary to release the expectations other people have for us – even more so if they’re expectations we’ve put on ourselves.

But if we stop, truly stop, to take a deep breath, it’s pretty incredible how quickly it all comes back into perspective.

Pausing won’t derail you.

It won’t destroy the hard work you’ve put in, whether it’s a relationship or a job.

It will rejuvenate you.

It will allow you to perceive the world – and more importantly, yourself – through different lenses. They may not be rose-colored (and they probably shouldn’t be) but it allows you to come back to yourself.

It can energize you to jump back in with both feet. It can inspire you to create the world you want for yourself. It reminds you that anything is possible.

So explore. Adventure. Learn. Rest. And trust that it will inspire you to create the life you were born to live.

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