Try it Tuesday: boost your brain health with fish


Or olive oil. Or almonds.

Research shows a promising prevention of cognitive decline with a “Mediterranean diet,” which is rich in veggies, fish, nuts and olive oil. Since free radicals can damage cells as we age, a diet that embraces antioxidants found in these foods can not only protect us, but can limit inflammation, too. And that means higher brain function longer.

According to a new study, “there are still questions about exactly how the Mediterranean pattern of eating might be conferring such benefits.

As we age, our cells may be damaged by free radicals – a process called oxidative stress. But…it is possible to counteract free radicals by eating antioxidant-rich foods. And by countering oxidative stress, we might also get protection from neurodegenerative disorders.”

While researchers can’t say definitively that it will reduce the risk of Alzheimers, it can’t hurt to pick up some fresh salmon for dinner.

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