#TakeBackPostpartum – a new mom takes on post-baby body shaming

When it comes to body shaming, subjecting ridiculous ideals on new moms is especially deplorable. Kudos to this momma for celebrating her shape and opening up the conversation about priorities in a recent Huffington Post article.

In “The Moving Experience One Mom Had When Her Postpartum Body Photos Went Viral,” Julie Bhosale (who’s a nutritionist) says:

“I really struggled with all the body changes I went through after the birth of my first son. Working in the health industry, and being an expert, I felt a lot of pressure to get my body back — and expected that because I was fit and healthy it should be easy. However, this was not the case! It did take a while!

I also really struggled to breastfeed my son and so my confidence in myself and as a woman and a mum was really low. I thought if this is how I feel with all my expert nutrition knowledge, imagine how other mums must also feel?”

To all women who have undergone the most amazing science experiment ever – may you feel nothing but pride for what your beautiful body has accomplished.

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