The Stop Fighting Food Video Series is back

For so many of us, food is complicated. We give completely inanimate (arguable to raw vegans, of course) items so much power over how we feel: about our bodies, our choices, our worth. There’s an element of control (or lack thereof) that restricting can give us; it can be intoxicating.

Until it backfires.

And it always does.

This video series from Isabel Foxen Duke is a must-watch if you’ve ever felt crazy around food. Or struggled with body image, food fears, disordered eating…yep, general food-fueled craziness. I was so impressed with her first round of videos last year that I got myself on the waiting list for one-on-one coaching and have been working with her since February. Trust me when I say I have been astonished by what I’ve learned about not just myself, but our backward society.  Isabel is brilliant, as far as I’m concerned: breaking down the myths, the stigmas and the media-centric vice that causes so many women to fight food.

Hint: it’s not about willpower.

Video #1: Why Self-Control is NOT the Answer (and is probably working against you)

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