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What a pumpkin taught me about body peace

Tis the season for pumpkins. They are quite literally everywhere – in latte, beer and candle form. And while I unapologetically embrace how cozily basic it all is, I’ve recently developed a new appreciation for the pumpkin in its most … Continue reading

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A few good reads 10.25.15

Proclamation of a Skinny Girl from Elephant Journal 10 Things That Are More Important To Count Than Calories from Anastasia Amour How Art Changes Consciousness from Uplift An Open Letter To Oprah: Why Your Investment In Weight Watcher’s Is Bad … Continue reading

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It’s not you, Oprah. (But you’re not helping.)

Yesterday’s announcement that Oprah bought 10% of Weight Watcher’s stock (effectively causing the company’s stock to double) raised a lot of eyebrows – though it probably shouldn’t. To me, it’s just more evidence that diets don’t work – and that … Continue reading

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Monday Mantra 10.19.15

Monday vibes. Because you do. Rather than give in to the Monday grind, rather than pile on the projects and pressure, remind yourself that you’ve got this. You’re already equipped to take on whatever work, family, creativity, life throws at … Continue reading

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A few good reads 10.18.15

  The One Thing You Must Do to Improve Your Body Image from Summer Innanen 11 Subtle Ways Fat Shaming & Anti Body Positivity Sneak Into Our Everyday Lives from Bustle Anxiety Sufferers: You Might Just Be Too Smart from … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wisdom 10.14.15

Think for a moment about an area in your life where you’re totally settling. Is it a job? A relationship? A never-ending cycle of self-doubt? Whatever it is – it’s got you feeling stuck. Passion is the way forward. Identify … Continue reading

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Have you had your fail today?

Feeling like a total failure? Today’s your day. Believe it or not, October 13 is the International Day For Failure. And while it may not be as fun as International Grilled Cheese Day or International Dress Your Dog Like a … Continue reading

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Monday Mantra 10.12.15

You know how a message can reach you in exactly the right moment? That was this morning’s #truthbomb, courtesy of Danielle LaPorte, and I had to share. I wasn’t super kind to myself yesterday: trying to override my body’s needs … Continue reading

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A few good reads 10.11.15

I Don’t Love My Body, And That’s OK from Ravishly Grapefruit, Atkins, Paleo, Pooh: When it it a diet, when is it a disorder, and what is it really about? from Recovery Mama 5 Things to Do (And Not Do) … Continue reading

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Don’t love your body? That’s OK

“Life does not begin only once you love yourself, and it sure as hell does not begin only once you embrace all your physical features.” Here’s the thing: while I’m all for body love, sometimes we may only be able … Continue reading

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