Monday Mantra 10.5.15


Don’t worry, don’t hurry, trust the process…necessary but so challenging! When we think we know what we want, we want to go for it. Right now, no holds barred. And it’s okay to be eager. But I challenge you to resist. Resist the urge to hustle. Instead, lean in to the process.

I was talking to a wise friend about this just the other day. She asked me what was new, and I found myself speechless. It’s a pretty common question, of course, and one we’re all faced with on the regular. It’s easy to mention the little stuff. To rattle off a couple of recent projects, or your weekend plans. But she was genuinely interested, and I wasn’t quite sure what to tell her. There is so much going on in my heart, and yet sometimes it feels like there’s nothing tangible to show for it. And I’m learning to get comfortable with that.

So I’ve been wondering…why is it that we feel we need to have a list of events or achievements to satisfy that question? And with that particular friend, I was able to go there. To explain that I’m still figuring it all out. And we both agreed: doing that? That figuring out stuff? Is kind of the best part.

Our lives are not meant to be on a schedule. (The universe is always happy to provide that reminder.) When we’re hell-bent on knowing and controlling, we can’t possibly take in the view. And there is so much to see along the way.

This week, let’s give ourselves permission to slow down. Life will get us where we need to be right on time.

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