Don’t love your body? That’s OK

“Life does not begin only once you love yourself, and it sure as hell does not begin only once you embrace all your physical features.”

Here’s the thing: while I’m all for body love, sometimes we may only be able to muster up body acceptance. That’s the reality, and in a world that operates under the assumption we will want to “fix” something – acceptance is still a win.

I recently read a piece on Ravishly by a women who has settled firmly on “body neutrality.” She makes a good point:

“I’d rather spend my time at the beach in a one-piece enjoying the water than in a bikini that makes me self-conscious just to fight body hatred. It’s about time we stop fighting and just make peace already.”

Ultimately, I think that’s what we’re all searching for – whether it’s in our bodies, in our relationships, even in our careers. We want to silence the chatter, quiet the doubt and just chill out already.

Love and peace don’t always go hand-in-hand. And that’s OK. Baby steps toward either one are massive strides from hate.

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