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Oh hi. I wanted to take a minute to expand a bit on exactly why this whole Beautycounter thing matters. I’m passionate about skin care, self-care and social justice. Not necessarily in that order. Teaming up with Beautycounter gives me an outlet to do all three, at the same time, while connecting with other like-minded people. For that I’m so thankful, especially in this season where connection – to ourselves, to our bodies, to the world around us – feels critically important.

You probably know how I feel about conventional beauty standards (they’re bullshit), so truth be told, I did struggle a bit with how it might appear on the surface. When I first connected with Beautycounter, it wasn’t just about makeup and moisturizers (though they are, in a word, amazing). It was the opportunity to work with a certified B Corporation that is determined to get safer products into the hands of everyone and is truly changing the landscape in personal care products, government policy and empowerment.

On the surface, yes, it’s makeup and moisturizers. But it never ceases to amaze me the conversations they generate. It’s incredible, the things that come up when we talk about our routines. How they translate to how we see ourselves, how we value our time, our sleep, our self-care. It’s never just skin deep. It’s been such a pleasure helping women explore their own beauty and confidence in their own skin even in small ways. And beyond that, it’s reminding women of their power. When you take time for yourself, when you vote with your dollar, when you support small businesses, when you believe “everyone means everyone,” you are telling the world what you stand for.

Thank you to everyone who has had the conversation with me, who has shopped with me, who has swapped out one product for something with better-for-you ingredients (Beautycounter or not) and who has helped spread the reminder that beauty should be good for you – in EVERY sense. If you’d like to chat, or simply utilize a fantastic deal on some phenomenal products, I’m here for it, and you, always.

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