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My Why

    Oh hi. I wanted to take a minute to expand a bit on exactly why this whole Beautycounter thing matters. I’m passionate about skin care, self-care and social justice. Not necessarily in that order. Teaming up with Beautycounter … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving PSA

A little PSA as we approach Thanksgiving and all the holiday things. This morning I heard my first calorie shaming comment of the season – you know, the whole “REMEMBER! The average American eats X calories at Thanksgiving dinner. That … Continue reading

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We all deserve better beauty

Today marks 80 years (80 years!) since the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act was passed. It was 1938 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed this act – a mere 1.5 pages of laws that largely govern the personal care industry … Continue reading

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All about those rays

For a star that’s six billion-year old, the sun can still be a source of major confusion. While we know some exposure is necessary and even healthy – think boosted mood and vitamin D, which we can all benefit from … Continue reading

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Sun care is self-care

I am a firm believer that taking action to educate and protect yourself is the most empowering form of self-care. And yes – that extends to skincare and sun safety. As we welcome summer, it’s also an awesome opportunity to … Continue reading

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It’s one of those life lessons I’m constantly relearning, but never as much and in so many ways as in my first year (!) of motherhood. It applied to nursing (slow and steady progress), sleeping (even slower…and not so steady) … Continue reading

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Love and laundry

Before you become a parent you think you know things. Like, I knew there would be a lot of laundry. I thought I did a lot of laundry before, but I had no concept how much more laundry one tiny … Continue reading

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